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Restorative Health Services (RHS) stands as the premier privately owned orthotics and prosthetics company, proudly serving the communities of Tennessee and North Georgia. Recognizing the imperative for an elevated brand image, RHS embarked on a journey to refine their message and present a more polished professional identity. At the onset, Restorative boasted twelve locations strategically scattered across middle and southern Tennessee.

Initiating the rebranding process with a modest goal of updating a single logo, the journey swiftly evolved into a comprehensive redirection of the entire brand. A visionary move led to the creation of a new parent brand, encompassing a family of acquired brands. This strategic decision, driven by a commitment to preserving established companies in different markets, was particularly influenced by the recent acquisitions of two companies with over twenty-five years of market presence. RHS Original

The original logo, a product of swift craftsmanship on Windows fonts with earth-tone colors, had undergone a spectrum of shades over time, losing its brand integrity. Acknowledging the emotional attachment of the owner to the original design, a subtle "nod" to its roots was preserved in the final logo—where the background embraced the historic "path." RHS New Design

The unveiling of the Restorative Health Services Group (RHSG) pictured below brand heralds a clear and purposeful message, symbolizing the collective objectives of its sub-brands. Anchored in the belief that delaying movement diminishes the likelihood of return to an active lifestyle, RHSG visually encapsulates varying levels of ambulation, reinforcing its commitment to patient-centric care.

RHS New Design

"Treating the patient, not the claim."

As the initial success of the new logo resonated, attention shifted to refining messaging and collaterals for the dedicated sales teams. Meticulously crafted collaterals, bearing the new branding, exuded a polished finesse, harmonizing seamlessly with concise messages. The emphasis on referral sources over direct patient outreach underscored the company's "patient-first" ethos, reflected in the revamped tagline: "Treating the patient, not the claim."


Navigating the landscape of medical device companies, the traditional approach gave way to a more nuanced strategy. Shifting from sporadic lunches to a "white glove" treatment model for patients referred by preferred providers transformed the team into patient liaisons. This evolution, guided by standard operating procedures and a custom Trello board, positioned the liaisons as invaluable resources rather than mere sales representatives.

Trello Board

Through meticulous cross-company adjustments, tangible targets emerged, backed by real data, projecting an impressive $1.2 million addition to the bottom line over a fiscal year. A fundamental commitment to patients underscored the success of this transformative journey, where robust branding, effective SOPs, and a strategic marketing roadmap converged.

Outcome: The outcomes were not merely financial; the organization's reputation as a solution-driven entity skyrocketed. Patient liaisons, now perceived as clinical solutions providers, epitomized the shift from conventional sales representatives.

Financial Results:

The cross-company adjustments led to a tangible target, backed by real data, projecting a $1,200,000.00 addition to the bottom line over the course of a fiscal year.

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Additional Samples

Sample brochure - This example was done to simplify the process for patients to make it easier to understand what to expect.

Sample provider card - This example was done to offer medical providers a quick reference card to make sending referrals as quick and easy as possible.

Sample sales documents - This example shows the sales documents that we created to be used in the field as leave-behinds for providers review.