Intelimas Case Study

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Intelimas BioSci, a unique medical device provider hailing from the city of Boston, recognized the essential need to elevate their presence and infuse a touch of professionalism into their branding. Born in 2019, Intelimas swiftly navigated the currents of a fast-paced market, seizing every opportunity that came their way.

The power of a formidable brand cannot be overstated. A brand that resonates with pride not only invigorates your team but also propels them to share your unique story organically within the market—a ripple effect that resonates far beyond mere representation.

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With an unwavering commitment to the art of rebranding, Intelimas has not only built a robust presence but has also woven a crystal-clear narrative. As the next chapter unfolds, Intelimas gears up to establish a national sales team. The resources and compelling message forged through our collaborative rebranding journey now stand as beacons, illuminating the path for future team members poised to venture forth and share the Intelimas story with potential partners.

Intelimas stands as a testament to the ethos of diligent groundwork, a prelude to organizational success. Delve into the Additional Samples below to witness the unfolding saga of transformation.

Additional Samples

Rebranding early phase - This is a glimps into the logo design process, this will give you an idea of the evolution.

Rebrand final step - Final steps in the process before committment to the selected design.

The first style guide - Once the decision is made, the style guide is born, version 1.0.

Sales materials phase one - Beginning to see the brand evolve into resources for the development of a sales team.

Sales Catalog - Professional representation in your market - do you look like you belong in a market dominated by big players?

Do you ever sense that your market presence falls short of your aspirations? Is there a lingering feeling that your company is on the brink of greatness, missing that elusive spark your competitors seem to possess?