Restorative MobileRestorative Health Services Group (RHSG) seamlessly introduces a mobile prosthetic service, expanding its portfolio with a need for distinctive branding that leaves a lasting impression. Deploying two mobile vans across the expanse of eastern and southern Tennessee, along with northern Georgia, the objective was clear: to create visually appealing, uncluttered designs transforming these vans into mobile billboards with a purpose.


Restorative MobileAdhering to the mantra of "go big or go home," the van wrap design aimed to mirror RHSG's renowned in-office expertise. A strategic touch was the prominent numbering of the vans, creating the illusion of a fleet of these mobile prosthetic units gracefully navigating the roads.

"The service you expect at our office, brought right to your door. At no additional cost to you." --Restorative Mobile Prosthetics,

Restorative MobileWith the van design phase seamlessly completed, attention pivoted to lead generation and capture. Understanding the impact of visual communication, video content was leveraged to showcase the service. A user-friendly website, meticulously crafted, empowered clients to effortlessly contact and schedule appointments. In tandem, a concise video illustrating the mobile van experience was produced. These assets propelled the van onto the roads promptly, enabling RHSG to cater to clients facing unique challenges.

Through meticulous planning and precise execution, a robust brand emerged, radiating professionalism and easy recognition. At RHSG, we recognize that branding extends beyond a mere logo—it's the narrative that defines your business. From logo to lingo, your story is uniquely yours. Don’t let anyone else write the script. We are here to help you craft and safeguard it. What’s your story?

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Outcome: Armed with a strong brand and a crystal-clear message, Restorative Mobile Prosthetics transitioned from sporadic days on the road to a consistent presence of three to four days a week, with potential plans for additional vans.

Financial Results:

Restorative Mobile Prosthetics contributed over $100,000.00 per month to the Restorative Health Services Group's financials, swiftly recovering the costs of launch and investment.

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