The Limb Loss Mobility Tour (LLMT) unfolds as a bi-annual spectacle, an invaluable opportunity for limb loss patients to embark on a "test drive" of cutting-edge knees and feet provided by generous sponsors. In the realm of prosthetics, the technology-packed knees and feet often bear a considerable price tag, sometimes reaching into the tens of thousands. Remarkably, patients seldom get a chance to experience these devices before the decisive moment of delivery.

Enter the LLMT event—a game-changer allowing patients to undergo evaluations by skilled prosthetists and, more importantly, explore a myriad of feet and knees without any financial commitment. The inaugural year graced three Tennessee cities—Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Murfreesboro.

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The second year witnessed the LLMT expanding its horizons, venturing into Georgia, thereby introducing a fourth location to its transformative tour. Fueled by the triumph of the inaugural year and the expanded geographical footprint, it became evident that LLMT had the potential to transcend its local and regional roots.

"Come try something new." --LLMT 2023

In the realm of rebranding, we strategically shifted away from state-specific references in the initial logo, opening the doors for these events to unfold anywhere across the nation. Aligning with Limb Loss Awareness month in April, we embraced orange as the primary branding color, not only for its visual appeal but also as a nod towards fostering awareness.

Dream big. If you don’t, who will? Don’t limit your brand; it is easier to dial it back than to broaden for something you could have or should have considered. Your brand is your story and is crucial to the lifeblood of your business. As we emphasize here, from logo to lingo, your story is uniquely yours. Don’t let anyone else write the script. We are here to help you craft and safeguard it. What’s your story?

Outcome: The inaugural year witnessed an influx of over 60 new clients across multiple clinical locations. The 2023 event elevated this success, positioning the company for substantial gains, both financially and in terms of acquiring new clients.

Financial Results:

The first year of the Limb Loss Mobility Tour added a remarkable $500,000.00 to the Restorative Health Services Group's financials, swiftly recuperating the costs of the event, including marketing and advertising.

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